Sunday, November 6, 2011

Justice League International #3

Sometimes reading DC comics really makes me appreciate Marvel Comics. And that's not a good thing for the reboot.

Dan DiDio may have stated that folks weren't supposed to write for the trade, but I'm pretty sure that Dan Jurgens' story in JLI is going to need some humdinger closing chapters to turn out nicely. This issue has way too many pages dedicated to the UN admins who put the group together; I appreciate the need to use them as an info dump, but man, they are not really compelling.

I'm also at a loss at the level of you're OK, Booster!" that goes on in this comic. Jurgens is constantly having cool characters like Batman talking about what a great leader Booster is, but we are not seeing it in the comic. In fact, Batman doesn't fit in too well with this team at all. We've got a thrill-seeker (Fire), media darlings (Booster & Godiva), and a jerk (Guy Gardner). August General, Ice, Vixen, and probably Rocket Red seem to have more heroic goals, but man, that's a rough ratio. There are some cool ideas mixed in, especially the idea that August General's skin looks like that funky armor. That's a big reboot change, right?

Aaron Lopresti's art has always lent itself to strong super-heroics, the problem is that I don't find the mysterious giants compelling and the generic villain doesn't impress me as much as Grayven or other B-level guys.

This is getting one more issue.


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