Thursday, November 24, 2011

Avengers Academy #22

Let's all give thanks for low-selling fanboy titles like Avengers Academy. I hope it can survive the current Marvel cancellation purge!

I get the feeling that Christos Gage has been looking forward to this issue's big showdown for a long time. It had to happen, Quicksilver and Magneto. With the Academy relocating to California, the timing couldn't be better. (Check out the battling logos on the cover: "Shattered Heroes" on top and "Regenesis" on the bottom. Go for those sales!)

While the conflict between the two groups is a little forced, I loved seeing folks like Whiz Kid (remember him?) caught in the middle. He's a mutant, but enrolled in Avengers Academy. Which side will he choose? And if there was any doubt about Gage writing Hawkeye well, check out the archer's reasoning of why White Queen is still evil: her outfit! This while Hawk is on a team with Tigra. (White Queen has some wonderful advice for Tigra too. What lucky students they must have.)

It is nice seeing Finesse throw her support behind Quicksilver. She's long been fascinated by Magneto and villains in general, so this switch to Quicksilver gives me hope that maybe she's going to be a hero after all. What a turnaround considering her history and actions so far.

I also really like Hank Pym's awkwardness around the other heroes. He's a neat hero, but man, Cyclops shoots down just about everything he says. Pym isn't quite enough of a tyrant to fit in with Scott Summers these days.

Sean Chen is a fantastic artist, I've sung his praises for years. I'm sad to see him go, but Tom Grummett will be another great "classic" replacement. That said, if Sean Chen can't make the current Hawkeye look work, then it is time to go back to the drawing board. Those purple sunglasses are plain awful. Why would Marvel move away from a classic design like Hawks' in order to get some synergy with a movie that's still six months away! Yuck!


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