Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wolverine: The Reckoning TPB

Now hold on. Are you telling me that this was how this story was supposed to end? Daniel Way wrote a 50-issue Wolverine series all about dealing with Wolvie's son and how the two of them would take out Romulus. Romulus, of course, was the terrible new proto-Wolverine created by Jeph Loeb. Romulus is bigger, faster, tougher and meaner than Wolvie or Daken. We learned he doesn't like samurai swords, Canadian experiments, and traveling by train. We learned that he (like most of the Marvel U) can brainwash Wild Child. We saw that he can manipulate everyone around him and that he wanted Wolverine to be the new leader of the "feral guy pack." (I honestly don't know what else to call it.)

And Wolverine beats him by having teammate Cloak just trap him in the darkforce dimension. Easy. Done. I usually avoid spoilers, but this is so silly and odd that I almost can't consider it a spoiler. I simply don't understand how they decided to do this. I read this series from the library, and thank goodness I did. If I bought this series, it would have gotten pulled and put in my used bookstore box immediately after reading this issue.

Wow. Resolving a 50-issue plot with a guest-star doing the dirty work.

Daken ends up in pretty much the same place he started too. And over-sexed, manipulative psycho out to get ahead and prove he's tougher than his Dad. I actually like Daken, he's a new type of character and there is a lot that writers can do with him that they can't with Wolvie. Daken's book has a lot of potential.

Cloak just picks drops him off.

The art is fine, I guess. Will Conrad and Scot Eaton handled the last few storylines in this book, and they are both good storytellers (I do prefer Eaton's hulking figures a bit more than Conrad's.) But man.

Romulus is just sitting in the darkforce dimension. Just sitting there. Done.



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Martin Gray said...

Sounds rubbish, but as I've never read an issue of Wolverine since the first mini-series I'm probably not one to judge!