Sunday, November 27, 2011

Marvel Zombies 5 HC

I like Fred Van Lente's writing. Heck, I even liked Marvel Zombies 3 that he wrote. But what is the point of this story? It's a random sampling of alternate universes where different forms of the zombie virus have taken hold (all named after famous directors, amusingly enough).

The problem is that this story can't decide if it wants to take the story seriously or if it is a joke. Machine Man and Howard the Duck? How are we supposed to take that seriously? And the original Black Knight's world is overrun with Deadites from Army of Darkness?

The last story is mighty confusing too, a more "realistic?" take on the zombie story? I'm not sure what the point was, but the whole thing comes off a bit oddly.

The art is a mix of decent creators, but my confusion at the tone of the story kept me from getting too wrapped up.



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