Saturday, November 19, 2011

Walking Dead #91 & Walking Dead on AMC

What can I say? You know it’s great. I know it’s great. There may not be many zombies, but Robert Kirkman packs another issue full of interpersonal conflict and maneuvering that keeps me riveted.

I did love the bit with the aged scotch. It would be a crime to share it with folks who wouldn’t even appreciate it!

I will say one thing: That mysterious figure from the last page? Gotta be Darryl, the best character from the show who never appeared in the comic. It’s called “synergy” people!


As for the TV show, I think the episode on November 13th was the best one this year. Maybe it’s because the cast knew that Michael Rooker was hanging around, so they had to be on their best behavior, but everyone was great. Even Lori was believable and didn’t sound embarrassed to deliver her lines!

I am super-ticked at Andrea though. In a world of zombies where gunshots will draw the roamers, you CANNOT shoot a single zombie with a high-powered rifle, especially when you’ve got four or five dudes already running up to it. That was a dangerous shot to make even if she was skilled, and we know she’s not. She took that shot to make a pouty statement, and could easily have hit her friends. Frankly, with all her whining and now this stupid move, I’m not going to cry if she gets eaten.

On the flipside, I love Maggie on the show. She’s a lot more timid in the comic, but I like this aggressive character on the show. She’s leading Glen around and it’s fun to see. Shane is going dark again too, which is fine with me. He and Darryl could be internal threats right soon. (I hope Darryl can throw off his brother’s influence, he’s got redeemed hero written all over him.)


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