Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Green Lantern #3

I have to give Geoff Johns credit; while I’m losing interest in the rest of the DCnU, Green Lantern is chugging right along. It’s probably the simple fact that this book is just continuing on as if the reboot never happened. It’s not a coincidence that I’m dropping all the non-GL and non-Batman titles on my list.

I still find it laughable that Sinestro is even partially a good guy, but that’s what makes comics so great. I love seeing Sinestro show off his mastery of the ring. It must have been annoying for Sinestro to lose to Hal so many times over the years when he still knows so much more about being a GL than Hal does.

I’m also interested in the development of the Sinestro Corps. Will any of the members of that evil group side with their charismatic leader over the vague motivation of “causing fear?” I don’t think there are too many well-developed yellow lantern, but it’s a neat idea that Johns plants this issue.

Doug Mahnke was born to draw Green Lantern. His strong jawlines and piercing eyes are perfect for a hero like Hal, and try and tell me that Sinestro doesn’t look heroic too. This book is beautiful.


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