Monday, November 21, 2011

Avengers #19

It pains me to admit this, but the newest issue of Avengers was actually pretty decent. Bendis does these types of issues well; there is no fighting, but we get a long of interpersonal interaction as Captain America puts the new team together.

I admit to being a tad disappointed that Black Panther isn’t rejoining the team, especially since his solo book just got cancelled. (Don’t get me started on all the recent Marvel cancellations!) However, adding Storm is a brilliant move. She’s a powerhouse, so she fits right in as a great replacement for Thor, and she’s of course well-acquainted with Wolverine (I loved their casual greeting.) What I’m really excited about is all of the new interaction that Storm can have with all these new characters. She’s a gorgeous queen, mutant, and superhero; she’s going to shake the team up nicely.

Bendis hits another high spot with his return for the Vision. This isn’t Kid Vision from Young Avengers, this is the real deal. And Viz is in a weird spot, he can appreciate his friends being happy to see him, but for him, he just got taken out during Disassembled. He’s missed everything since. What a great new POV character for the team!

I haven’t read enough about Quake to know how she’ll fit in on the team, for now I can just declare that I want her to get a real costume.

Daniel Acuna’s art is still wonderful. That giant mural of the old Avengers team is fantastic, and his Storm is striking. I think he draws Red Hulk smaller than I imagined, more athletic than muscular. Vision looks sleek and classic.

I’m going to keep getting either Avengers or Justice League. Let’s see who wins the week.


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