Thursday, December 1, 2011

Aquaman #3

The poor king of the seas can't catch a break. After he and Mera are sort of overwhelmed by the Trench, the cops are quite understanding. Geoff Johns is really pushing the point, but I love seeing that the cops don't blame Aquaman for failing to stop the deep sea creatures. They know he did his best; it just wasn't good enough.

No wonder Aquaman is always angry! I guess he's got other reasons too, including a weirdo scientist from his past that he turns to in order to find out more about the Trench. I'm a little surprised Aquaman couldn't make some of these leaps of logic himself. Stephen Shin is an interesting character, one that I'm sure we'll see again, but could Aquaman not tell that these guys came from deep water? Or that they need a lot of energy to survive? Not a huge issue, just odd.

I also love the way Johns is using Mera. She's powerful and capable, but she's still learning things about Aquaman, making her a great POV character for the reader.

This issue felt like it had a lot more bang for its buck, and that's due to how Ivan Reis laid out the issue. The book opens with a thrilling action sequence then follows it up with some drama-laden exposition. The whole thing leads nicely into a good cliff-hanger for next issue.


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