Friday, December 9, 2011

Swamp Thing #4

Who would have thought that this random pick-up in the new 52 would end up one of the last comics standing on my DC sublist? Scott Snyder has impressed the heck out of me the way he’s writing a Vertigo title in the mainstream DCU. Best of all, he’s done it while repeatedly referencing that yes, Alec Holland and Swamp Thing have a past. See DC, it’s not a bad thing for your characters to actually have done things before, there are still good stories out there!

We’ve seen the “legacy” deal many times before; I’m not blown away that there have been previous Swamp Things out to protect the Green from the Rot. However, I’m absolutely tickled by the idea that before humans were the dominant species, we had Swamp Mudskippers and Swamp Dinosaurs. That’s a level of madness I can truly appreciate (especially when rendered so well by Yanick Paquette on that cover!)

Marco Rudy does his best, and it really doesn’t fall that short from Paquette’s work. The closing shot of the Rot’s next round of creatures is truly disturbing, lending a real chill to the close of the issue. His work on Alec Holland and Abigail Arcane is strong too, and I’m shocked how good he is drawing tumors blasting out of people’s mouths. You’d think that skill would take longer to refine.


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