Sunday, December 25, 2011

Uncanny X-Men: Birth of Generation Hope TPB

After the madness of Necrosha and Second Coming, the X-titles had to come back to Earth. This trade can’t even compare to the breakneck pacing and excitement from those crossovers. When Matt Fraction takes a moment to let the team catch their breath, I lost my interest.

Fraction spends a lot of time bouncing around the team, but the title of the book comes from Hope’s travels to activate the “five lights” the new mutants who popped up on Cerebra after Second Coming. The problem is, Hope isn’t interesting enough to me. Her power as an “activator” is too passive for me, and her mix of spandex and military gear doesn’t fit in with the X-team look. I like the idea of her getting a small squad (including Rogue) to try and find the next generation of mutants, but I’m not as interested as I thought I would be, especially with Rogue involved.

White Queen puts together a bit of a heist-type crew to remove Sebastian Shaw from Danger’s prison, but again, with no payoff in this trade, there isn’t a lot to even judge. There are a lot of pages devoted to a story with no resolution in this trade. These “middle chapter” trades are pretty frustrating, and I imagine that feeling would be even worse following this book monthly.

Cyclops really has become a jerk. He’s practicing and relaxing by killing dinosaurs at the open of this trade! Sure, they are raptors, but still…

I’m not digging Whilce Portacio’s art anymore, so I enjoyed the chapter by Leonard Kirk the most. Portacio’s faces have always been a bit stiff, but his dynamic battles made up for it. With so few actual fights in this story, there is no chance for Portacio to show off.


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