Monday, December 26, 2011

Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis HC

It's going to be difficult to review this book and talk about anything other than the way Kaare Andrews draws Emma Frost literally spilling out of her uniform. Seriously, her chest is bouncing out in every panel and her underpants aren't exactly doing their job either. It's sort of fascinating that this comic came out looking like this. (And Storm has never been quite this endowed before, has she? It's crazy!)

At least Andrews is equal opportunity; Cyclops and Wolverine are hulking around with washboard abs too.

The story is another intersting mix of Warren Ellis' favorite themes. We've got some other-dimensional goodness that ties this to the Ghost Box storyline, but this time it's linked through the involvement of some old Alan Moore/Alan Davis Captain Britain concepts. I'm a little surprised to see such a sequel-type idea showing up from Ellis, and while he does mix things up nicely, when it comes down to it, this story owes a lot to the original.

One of the more interesting aspects of this one is "Dr. Crocodile," the leader of the African country where the X-Men travel to research new mutant births. He's a complicated character that fits in nicely with what we know of Marvel U history. He really seems like he was a pretty nice guy before he started making the hard choices. Interesting that he doesn't get along with Cyclops or Wolverine; you'd think they'd understand those "needs of the many" arguments.

This is another of those trades that is probably best enjoyed by folks who really dig either Ellis or Andrews. I'm not a huge fan of either (not that I dislike them, I'm just not a dedicated fan; I found this entertaining, but not riveting.


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