Monday, December 12, 2011

Villains for Hire #1

Well, I suppose I can understand how this series got downgraded to a limited. Let’s look at the stars of the book: Purple Man, Avalanche, Bombshell, Tiger Shark, Nightshade, Crossfire, Scourge, and a couple other folks no one has heard of. (Well, no one but a major Marvel nerd like me.) It actually makes me happy that series like this get made, because really, did Marvel ever think that anyone besides dedicated fanboys would care about the Purple Man trying to take over New York?

There is an element at the close of the book that makes the popularity factor rise a bit, but still, probably not enough to keep sales very high on this title. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning are delivering fanboy comics here, no two ways about it.

This is a villain-caper book very much in the vein of MODOK’s 11 from a few years ago. These types of projects are great at casting a spotlight on characters that have never had it before. If you are a fan of Marvel minutiae, than maybe you too get a thrill from seeing the Shocker described as a powerful villain. Or Nightshade as a serious hazard.

Renato Arlem does a nice job drawing these third-rate characters. Tiger Shark looks imposing, Avalanche looks like a powerhouse, and Bombshell looks like a hottie. (Arlem sure likes drawing ladies with no pants. If it wasn’t for the coloring…) The action can sometimes look a bit stiff or photo-referenced, but overall, the art is pretty strong.


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