Saturday, December 24, 2011

X-Men: Second Coming 4: X-Force 26-28

I think it is great the the X-Force title ended up being the driver for two mega-crossovers, Necrosha and Second Coming. Craig Kyle and Chris Yost are clearly fans of the same X-eras I am, which makes these two crossover feel familiar, yet exciting at the same time. This story feels like a mix of the Mutant Massacre and the X-Tinction Agenda, and that's a fun amalgam to get to play with.

Once again, the X-Force team is at the center of the crossover, as Cyclops dispatches the team on two different missions as the story moves along. For the entire first half of the trade, X-Force (plus Nightcrawler, Ariel and Psylocke) are on the hunt for Cable & Hope after their return to the present. There is some nice wetwork action, contrasted nicely with the rest of the X-Men. Nightcrawler in particular has some big problems with this team, while Psylocke doesn't seem to argue too much (that's probably why she joins the team after this story).

For some reason, Wolverine and Cable seem to play off each other well, and the first reunion scenes are quite fun as the two old vets get to try and out-tough each other.

X-Force's second mission teams them up with Cable and Cypher as they teleport to the future to take on Master Mold. This is supposed to be a one-way trip, but a heroic sacrifice keeps it from getting too bloody. Once again, Cypher's powers are amped up. He's a great character in this digital age, it seems.

Cyclops supposedly disbands the team at the close of this story, but Wolverine has other ideas. It's funny, didn't I read that Wolverine is now the kinder, gentler leader after Schism? I have some catching up to do!

Mike Choi's beautiful pencils still look great, but his art tends to look over-posed too. I think I like his work better when he handles entire storylines himself. Seeing him alternating with guys like Terry Dodson makes his work seem a tad stiff.


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