Sunday, December 18, 2011

Secret Warriors v2: God of War, God of Fear HC

I’m slowly realizing that Jonathan Hickman does some things very well (his high concepts and world-building are top notch), while other aspects of his stories aren’t quite as riveting for me.

This is the second trade of Secret Warriors, and I can barely remember who half the cast is, much less their personalities or powers. Stonewall, Slingshot, Druid, and more spend the book sitting around. Sure, the book focuses on Nick Fury, Ares, and Phobos, but man, isn’t it weird that a title called Secret WarriorS would have so little to do with the team?

There is no debate that Hickman’s plot is pretty riveting. I love the whole idea behind the Leviathan conspiracy, and seeing all those Marvel spies tied together in more CGI graphics is pretty compelling. It is weird when the most interesting part of your story is a chart, though.

I will admit that I enjoy Ares any time he appears on panel. Seeing him try to navigate some sort of relationship with his son is quite entertaining, although I found Phobos’ quick induction into the ranks of deities as a bit odd.

The Dark Reign: The List issue is stronger than the rest of the book. Ed McGuinness’ kinetic, cartoony style has very little similarities with the classic Jim Steranko work with Fury in the past, but the comparison is there. McGuinness is clearly trying to bring back that 60’s feel with the flying cars, cyborg agents and wingsuits. It actually works.

Stefano Caselli’s departure is another loss for this comic. His larger-than-life action worked well in the first collection. Alessandro Vitti’s art is solid enough, but not as dynamic as Caselli’s.


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