Tuesday, December 27, 2011

X-Men Legacy: Collision

I suppose they can't all be masterpieces! I've been a pretty vocal supporter of Mike Carey's run on X-Men Legacy, but this is the first time I can't keep up the good words. Carey makes an interesting choice, focusing on a group of X-Men that haven't had a lot of screen time in this book so far. Magneto and Rogue head off to India with Indra, Anole, and Loa, three X-students that I have never seen before. I like Anole, he seems like a pretty fun addition to the X-universe, but the other two aren't as impressive. I mean, it's hard to root for a Shadowcat-copy and a pacifist, you know?

Unfortunately, Carey combines his least-interesting cast with the worst villains from his run. The Children of the Vault work better as a high concept than actual antagonists. I never really worried about them when they first showed up, so I sure don't remember them well enough to have any idea what their goals are.

NOW, factor in one of the weaker artists of the Legacy run. Clay Mann is ok, but his art is a tad too soft. Nothing ever looks dynamic, and many of the panels look like excuses to show Rogue bending over while wearing slinky summer outfits.


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Martin Gray said...

Doesn't sound wonderful. Thinking on, the first time the Chidren of the Vault appeared I dropped whichever book that was - blimey, they were rubbish.