Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Comics on the Bubble: Daredevil #508-511

Well, now I know why Black Tarantula never showed up again in Shadowland.

I picked these up for a dollar, and that’s about what they’re worth. I always say that Daredevil is not one of my favorite characters, yet I own a lot of DD comics. Well, DD may not be a fave, but he is at least a good plot-mover. When DD is off plotting, Dakota North and Foggy Nelson can’t keep the book moving with any momentum.

I usually like Andy Diggle, but this isn’t his best work. Roberto De La Torre’s art has improved a lot over the years.

Daredevil #508 – DD’s friends try to cope with his murder of Bullseye in the core series. Sell.
DD #509 – Luke Cage and Iron Fist try to talk some sense into their friend, but leave most of their dialogue in the core series. Sell
DD #510 – Elektra gets involved and we see how she got wrapped up into the main series. White Tiger gets some panel time too. Sell
DD #511 – So I guess Black Tarantula is actually dead? Weird choice. Too much time with the NYC cop. Sell

Final count: SELL DD #508-511

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