Wednesday, December 21, 2011

X-Men: Second Coming 1: Uncanny X-Men 523-525

Welcome to the week of X-Mas, where I'll be reviewing X-books every day!

Whew! This is a behemoth of a trade, and it took me awhile to work my way through it. Just like some of the other recent mega-crossovers, this felt like a classic X-Story, and I'm amazed at how well the creators are rekindling the nostalgia. It's hard to break up a story this massive, but I'll try to do it by title.

The Uncanny X-Men chapters are pretty solid, and Matt Fraction gets to spend a lot of time dealing with the upsetting death from this story. I think it is a huge mistake. There is absolutely no reason that this character needed to die. The various writers do a great job building Bastion up as the big bad, and Fraction in particular amps up the tension through his star, Cyclops. I understand the need to make each story feel important, but man, this felt totally unnecessary.

Fraction's window into this book is Cyclops. He's the star of the book and all the big actions get their weight from Cyclops' reaction. It's interesting (to me) that Cyclops was one of my favorite characters as a kid, but he's not anymore. I certainly find him to be a fascinating character, but he doesn't feel like the old team-leader type that he did in the past. He really is a successful Magneto.

It's worth noting that Fraction has some fun with Namor too. He fits in nicely as the powerful loose cannon who KNOWS he's better than all his teammates.


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