Monday, December 5, 2011

Steve Rogers: Super Soldier TPB

Let me put it this way, any story featuring Machinesmith is going to at least get a “Fair.” It’s an unfair advantage, but c’mon, that guy is awesome!

Ed Brubaker sometimes surprises me with these classic-feeling Cap stories. With so many espionage, “adult” feeling storylines, I forget how well Brubaker writes kooky Cap stories. I expect Machinesmith from Roger Stern and Mark Gruenwald, I’m pleasantly surprised when we get him from Brubaker.

Steve’s “Commander Rogers” persona isn’t quite as cool as Captain America, but the return of the photonic shield is welcome. That’s a neat mid-90s concept that works as well now as it did then. Brubaker includes some nice fights too (greatly realized by Dale Eaglesham’s pencils). There aren’t strong flunkies for Steve to whip up on, but I’m sated by the great use of Machinesmith’s googly eyes and extending arms.

I was pretty impressed by Dale Eaglesham’s Cap in the opening chapters. Steve was a hulking dude, looking like the Hulk about to bust out of both his normal uniform and his fancy tuxedo. Well it turns out that was a choice; when Steve loses the super-soldier serum he seems even smaller and weaker because he’s been a looming powerhouse for the whole series so far.

I also liked Machinesmith’s ridiculous identity as the head of security. His cover identity looked just as much like a super-villain as his normal body! Is that the most inconspicuous he can be?


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