Sunday, December 11, 2011

Daredevil #6

At what point is it ok to be disappointed with less than an “excellent” issue of a book? Fortunately, I don’t need to worry yet, because this issue of Daredevil is right up there with the last five. This book is awesome!

DD got himself into deep water last issue when he faced off against Bruiser. Bruiser is a combo between Rey Mysterio Jr. and Booster Gold, and for me, that makes him the perfect villain. I love the guy after just two appearances, and hearing how he’s got a hit list to qualify him for a Hulk fight? Wonderful detail (as is his rank of Spider-Woman below DD on that list).

Mark Waid wraps both the fisticuffs and plot with nice little bows. Bruiser’s takedown ends up being a tad easy, but hopefully this isn’t the last we’ve seen of this guy. As for the secret alliance of Marvel villain groups, they’re all gunning for DD now. I’m not sure I buy that DD’s possession of that unique data disk buys safety for anyone else, but surely it puts a pretty big bulls-eye on his head. Judging from that smile, I’d say Matt Murdock is up to the challenge.

There has been a lot of justified praise going around about this artistic team. Bruiser’s look is great, and I love the way Marcos Martin draws the five villain reps in their fighting togs. I’m not usually a big one for coloring, but the bright, primary colors permeating this issue tell the story almost as well as the dialogue. This is great work from Muntsa Vicente.

This is the best comic on the stands!


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