Thursday, December 29, 2011

Daredevil #7

Has everyone had enough X-books? I know I have!

Let's jump back to regular books with the best super-hero title on the stands, Daredevil.

Is this one of the best covers ever, or what? I mean, this should be available as a Christmas card right now! Mark Waid contrasts the playful cover with a pretty serious story. Matt Murdock takes a group of troubled, blind children to a lodge every holiday season, but in this issue, things don’t go well. After being turned away and taking some back roads, the school bus crashes, leaving DD in wandering through the wilderness with a bunch of kids. To make matters more interesting, DD’s radar sense does little to nothing in swirling sleet and snow.

There is a bit of character development through flashbacks, but for the most part, this is a non-essential part of Waid’s ongoing story. That said, it is still worth it just to see Daredevil (actually, Matt Murdock) inspire a group of kids who really need it. It’s also worth noting that Foggy Nelson spots a bit of the old brooding Matt Murdock very briefly. I hope that mopey guy isn’t coming back, though, I like happy DD!

Paolo Rivera’s kinetic pencils do a great job with both the crash and the whirling weather. I love his ability to give each scene such rich detail while still maintaining a fairly cartoony look.