Friday, December 30, 2011

Avengers #20

It’s too bad, I sort of liked Madame Hydra’s absolutely insane new look, with that giant cephalopod on her head. I’m not sure where it happened (or how), but it seems she’s back to being her old slinky self after this issue. I’m going to guess she got changed in Secret Warriors?

I’m enjoying Bendis’ focused storyline right now, it seems he does his best work on the Avengers when they have a really cerebral foe working against them. I think Bendis needs to have one side or the other talking, so by having Osborn chatting away with his HAMMER flunkies, it means Captain American and the rest of the Avengers get to actually go out and kick some butt.

It’s always neat seeing new pair-offs when teams split up, and it works again here. Storm and Red Hulk? I never would have figured the two of them would work together, but they are both professionals, so it actually turns out OK. I’m not sure when Hawkeye and Spider-Woman got together, where is Mockingbird? Noh-Var and Iron Man make a neat team, but mostly because I’m intrigued to see the relative rookie try to deal with Iron Man after this issue.

I will say that Quake needs a real costume. She can’t keep running around with the big dogs in a standard SHIELD uniform. Daniel Acuna’s design sense is spectacular; I love his Kirby-esque take on HAMMER’s bad guys. (It’s worth noting that HAMMER seems to have Wasps, Giant-Men, and Hulks.) Acuna sometimes skimps on backgrounds, but with action this dynamic, I can forgive him.


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