Friday, December 16, 2011

X-Force: Sex & Violence TPB

After being so pleasantly surprised by Chris Yost's work on X-Force, I had high expectations for this mini-series. I've always liked Domino, and she and Wolverine do make a fun couple. I had absolutely no idea what to expect, but even so, this book was a bit disappointing.

First of all, this barely qualifies as a Mature Readers book. Sure, every other word out of Domino's mouth is sexy talk about hooking up with Wolvie, but it just makes her look like a nympho with a ADD. Wolverine in turn looks like he gets led around by his privates; this book doesn't do either any favors.

While Yost does use a bunch of cool street-level villains (including an old fave of mine, Bushwacker), too many panels get used up just watching the couple shred faceless ninjas and assassins. That's the problem when your leads are killers, they can't be killing named baddies all the time, so the conflicts start feeling pointless. That said, seeing Black Mamba, Bullet, and the rest is pretty fun, and the duplicating sniper guy seemed pretty cool too.

Gabriele Dell'Otto re-designs a bunch of villains, just as he did in Secret War a few years ago. I like some, like Black Mamba and Bullet, but his Boomerang looks terrible, more like Dan Simmons' Shrike than a guy with boomerangs.


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