Thursday, June 17, 2010

Walking Dead #73

Hoo boy. I love this book. Rick and Glenn are already moving on their plan to arm themselves, and things aren't quite as perfect as they seem to be in the new settlement. Kirkman is laying a couple seeds here, there is a guy in the infirmary who I'm certain will become a zombie and threaten this haven of survivors. Rick seems to be settling in well, but I've got to think the missing guns are going to pop up soon.

Abraham is finding out some stuff too. The work crews are sort of second-class citizens, and they've never had an alpha-dog like Abraham around. I think the work crew is going to be working for him right quickly. It's interesting, I assumed that Rick would be the one "leading" the revolution, but I think Abraham has at least an equal shot. I think Kirkman has created a book where Abraham could actually be a lead character. We don't usually think of him that way, but really, he's done as much awesome stuff as Rick, we just haven't seen as much from Abraham's point of view. Rick and Tyrese were awesome partners, but Rick and Abraham are almost rival leaders. I can't wait to see where this goes.

Plus, this issue had zombies!

Charlie Adlard's cartoony style works so well with the subtle facial expressions that are absolutely vital for this story to work. Abraham is pure toughness this issue. This book is still the most riveting title on the stands.


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