Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark #1

There is a baby head in that shark's mouth. Just making sure you saw that.

"They got mixed up!"

4.99 is a bit expensive for a joke, but I had to support a book where grizzly bears are leaping out of the water to attack boaters and sharks are popping out of trees and poking their fins out of shrubs. This book is absolutely ridiculous, but there is no doubting it is fun.

Zach Howard's story reads a lot more like the first issue in a new super-comic. The protagonist has super powers, there are supporting characters, and the story makes sense. It's not fine drama, but it is clear. I like the idea of heroes delivered by torpedo, too.

Ryan Ottley's story looks a tad better, but makes less sense. This segment is played totally for laughs, and it is funny. I never expected to see a shark eat a jogger, leaving only her head, breasts, and one leg behind. The body counts in both sections are huge, but in the Grizzly Shark story, a lot more innocents are consumed.

The art is hilarious throughout, and I did enjoy this book. But 4.99 is awfully steep. I think 3.99 would have even been pushing it. If you can find this for 2.99, grab it, but the joke wears a tad thin for that full price.


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