Monday, June 21, 2010

Outsiders: The Deep TPB

Let me admit to two things, I generally don't care for the Outsiders, and I usually love Peter Tomasi's work. So this trade was a grand experiment for me to see if I could dig one of my least favorite super-teams when written by one of my favorite super hero writers.

Well, it seems like I REALLY don't like the Outsiders. I just don't care about pouty Geo Force, righteous Black Lightning, or dull Katana. Halo is barely a character, right? She has some sort of light powers, but I'm not sure of what else. I like the idea of the Creeper, but he seems like some random maniac in this story. I actually feel like I've seen the random quote spouting looney before, but I can't remember where. Metamorpho is always entertaining, but I think I prefer him on his own or dealing with the JLA.

In fact, the only character I'm really interested is Owl Man. I have no previous exposure to the TV detective who takes up the mantle, but I love the idea that he basically has a suit to do stuff for him and that he seems to be a bit chubby. He's there for his mind over anything else.

This story deals with the Insiders (I was never clear on how they got that name) as they try to gather the pieces of the meteor that gave Vandal Savage his immortality and power all those years ago. Now, I'm a sucker for Vandal Savage stories, but with that big glowing thing on his head making him look so ridiculous, I just couldn't make myself think it was the same guy. There are some neat ideas sprinkled through; I liked that the Insiders grant limited longevity to those who promise to serve them in their later years. The Deathstroke fight is the highlight of the trade, especially with pouty Geo Force still trying to take credit for winning a fight he didn't. Tomasi includes some of his over the top death, too, when a German village collapses in a cave in and we're treated to shots of the bodies in the dirt. Seems unnecessary.

Lee Garbett handles most of the art, and he's solid enough. He's a bit scratchy, but he has a nice take on Owl Man and Black Lightning. Fernando Pasarin comes in for one issue and really breathes some life into the Deathstroke fight, I wonder if his more dynamic art might have caught my attention more?


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