Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thor #610

This is my last issue of Thor in floppy format as I switch to trade for the post-Siege era. The Siege storyline ends in an entertaining fashion, although it is more epilogue than action. I'm surprised that Kieron Gillen doesn't get more mileage out of the big Thor/Ragnarok battle promised on the cover. The whole thing only lasts a few pages is a relatively easy win for Thor. I enjoyed the one panel where they are yelling the same battle cries at each other; I would have enjoyed a longer conflict showing the similarities and differences between original and copy.

There are short scenes with Balder inviting Thor back to Asgard and Kelda vowing to find a way to continue her relationship with a Valhalla-bound Bill, but I'm not sure where these are going. I think this was originally supposed to be Gillen's last issue, but instead he's tacking on another storyline before Matt Fraction and Pascal Ferry take over in a few months. Maybe we'll see more of these ideas then.

Doug Braithwaite has a nice style for Thor, although I have to say I prefer the original Thor look to the modern one. I also wonder if anyone considered drawing Ragnarok in the old Kirby style. This worked out in a neat fashion in Christopher Priest's Black Panther comic and it would have really highlighted the different characters more. By making Ragnarok look exactly the same as Thor, just in a different costume, it kept the characters realistic, but not as dramatically different as they could have been.


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