Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Comics on the Bubble

I'm about to start a new type of review, where I read a pile of old books that I'm considering unloading to make room in my 70-some longboxes. The reviews will be shorter, more like one sentence or two, and at the end I'll decide whether the books go back into the longbox, or into used bookstore box. So the only two grades are Keep or Sell.

Some of these books I bought out of dollar bins and never actually read, so forgive me if there is classic stuff on the list! Join me as I discover hidden treasures and horrible crap that I've owned for years!

I've got a ton of books I'm looking at, including
  • War Machine
  • Trenchcoat Brigade
  • Force Works
  • JLA Haven
  • Mutant X
  • Earth X
  • Universe X
  • Blood Pack
  • Weapon X
  • Lobo
  • New Mutants
  • Ben Raab's Excalibur
  • Taskmaster
  • Judd Winick's Green Lantern
  • Devin Grayson's Titans
  • "Teen Tony" Iron Man
  • Guy Gardner
  • Elementals
  • Prototype
  • Mantra
  • Greg Rucka's Wolverine
I'm working on War Machine now, any recommendations for books to move to the top of my stack?


Mickey said...

Since you asked...

I liked the Judd Winick GL books pretty well, once I accepted and moved past his usual political/social commentaries. Dale Eaglesham did a lot of the artwork on those books, and it looks fantastic. It's a "keep" for me.

"Titans" was OK, nothing special - only keep if you're a big Titans fan, otherwise "sell".

"Elementals" started off well, some good books, but really tailed off in the 2nd series. The Shapeshifter/Morningstar issue in V2 was phenomenal, had the potential to have long-lasting effects, but sadly, Willingham wrapped it up in the very next issue (and not well at that.) Keep V1, and the first few issues of V2 - after that, not so much.

I read War Machine, Force Works, and Mantra years ago - they're merely OK. New Mutants was pretty good during the Sienkiewicz years, but otherwise, just OK. Might be good for a final read before jettisoning them.

Jeff said...

Mutant X was a great title while it lasted. I loved the way they picked up on all of those old forgotten bits of X-Men lore and put them all into one alternate-universe reality. Great stuff!

JBaker said...

Definetly Weapon X & New Mutants, also Earth/Universe X & Lobo. I wasnt aware Taskmaster (best under used character) had a mini.

Always Right said...

Josh was always a huge fan of Force Works, so you can chat him up about that title.
I enjoyed Taskmaster and Mutant X (though the end felt rushed in story and art).
I've been toying with rereading Guy Gardner also since this is where I first read him and loved his a-hole attitude when I was 13.
Rucka's Wolverine never did it for me.
The Earth X trilogy was amazing except for the first series and I put the blame of that on choosing John Paul Leon as the artist(great artist but wrong fit for the tone of the series). I would go back every few years and wrap myself up for days in that universe.
Titan's sucked then so I doubt it'll improve much other than have Mark Buckingham art.