Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hawkeye & Mockingbird #1

Jim McCann is quickly establishing himself as someone who likes the same sort of stuff I do when it comes to Marvel Comics. One issue in to his new series and I couldn't be happier about what's up with my old fave Hawkeye.

The book opens on a joyful (odd word, but appropriate) chase where Hawkeye and Mockingbird are taking on a gang of arms dealers. There's super-powers, banter, and the scene closes with an obscure Marvel villain, so I've got to be happy. Hawkeye gives us the quick intro to Crossfire that includes both his original info from the old Hawkeye limited and the more recent stuff where Crossfire has been a cameo in New Avengers. That basically meets all my requirements for a comic, respecting the old and the new, but really drawing off the classic.

Mockingbird's new WCA is a shady organization, no doubt. Some funding questions get answered in a great way, and with Hawkeye's personal mission turning up some weird leads, we can't say that Hawk and Mock are a happy couple, exactly. They're clearly crazy about each other though, so I can't help but be rooting for them to keep making it work. McCann makes a brilliant choice in bringing in a moustach-wearing Dominic Fortune, he comes across like the ultimate sleaze, but at the same time, he still could be a rival for Hawkeye. Brilliant choice, Fortune could work into the plot in multiple ways.

The introduction of a new Phantom Rider is great too. She and Crossfire are a great mirror image for the stars of this book, plus they both have nice ties to the past. Seriously, McCann is using elements from comics from 80's Avengers books, how could this not be perfect? It does make me sad that once again a rape story plays so prominent a role in a hero's back story, but this one was written about before that plot element became quite so overused.

David Lopez does a great job with the art. He makes the costumes realistic while still maintaining the bright color and excitement I need from a super hero comic. I love his take on the silly Crossfire suit. As I said before, giving Dominic Fortune a moustache is a stroke of genius too, so cheesy and so cool!

I'm thrilled Hawkeye and Mockingbird are having adventures that feel so new, but so classic at the same time.


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Jeff said...

I think I'm going to pick up New Avengers: The Reunion this week, and then if I like, I'm going to pick up this series.

Sounds great, and it also sounds like what they should have done with their DC counterparts!