Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beyond TPB

There is a recipe for my perfect comic. I need a few of my favorite characters, some good examples of the richness of the Marvel U, and the potential for growth. I want classic, costumed villains and a conflict that seems impossible for the heroes, but where their smarts and toughness pay off.

Dwayne McDuffie wrote this sequel to Secret War starring Hank Pym, the Wasp, Spider-Man and Medusa. It also features Deathlok, Firebird, and Kraven. Gravity and the Hood come into their own and are set up for future roles in the Marvel U. Venom and a few surprised classic villains show up about halfway through. And the conclusion is awesome. I'm not even going to ruin what happens, suffice to say that this book has all the elements I want in a super-hero comic.

Scott Kolins provides the art, and it is tremendous. His updates on Medusa and Firebird are tremendous. His take on the "Dr. Pym" suit for Hank Pym is easily my favorite incarnation of the character. His demonic Hood is spooky and cool. So basically, these six issues are just about perfect.


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