Monday, June 28, 2010

Green Lantern Corps #49

Wow, I haven't seen a jump in quality like this in some time.

Tony Bedard's first issue of GLC was unimpressive. I didn't really connect with any of the characters and the overall plot didn't grab me either. But this issue is a huge improvement. The Alpha Lanterns numbers have skyrocketed, making them into a suddenly scary threat. I loved the interaction with Boodika and John Stewart, Stewart's thoughts really laid out how sad that whole Alpha situation has become.

Ganthet actually starts to be more interesting too.
I think last issue focused on him too much. I like him as a "rogue" Guardian out there in the trenches with the GLs. Teaming him up with Kyle and Soranik lowers his role enough to make him tolerable. I also like that Stel is getting talked about so much. I hope he gets fixed so he can bring the fight to the Alphas next issue. I've got to think that Bedard is going to change most of these Alphas back to normal GLs. I'd like to see Boodika and Green Man changed back.

I like the "surprise" villain too. I don't like Cyborg Superman's motivations that he wants to die, but I am fascinated that he's exploiting the Guardians' new robots just as effectively as he did the Manhunters. You'd think the Guardians would learn their lesson!

Ardian Syaf's artwork is very nice. His Alpha Lanterns look really spooky, which is a must. I don't care for the sniper gear for John Stewart, but that's an ongoing complaint for me. Now I'm ready to see him create some fun, nerdy constructs for Kyle Rayner.


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