Friday, June 11, 2010

Secret Six #22

There is no way Gail Simone could keep up the frenetic pacing and maniacal plot from the last three issues, so I'm not surprised this issue was a tad more subdued. (It is hilarious that fighting an electric meta and tossing an old man through a window is considered "subdued.")

We complete a couple secret origins here. We see Thomas Blake's relationship with his parents come to the only logical end it could, and we see the reason why that old dude has started this war with Catman. It all makes sense, but I'm a tad worried that the Jade that is about to be unleashed on the DCU might be pretty awful. That lady is going to be mad.

The whole Black Alice thing didn't quite ring true, I suppose upset teenagers will be illogical, but I'm pretty sure she's quitting the team, right? And we still haven't seen Bane and Jeannette's new group in action yet! I'm hoping Catman can come back from this, if he believes what that old dude said, then he at least stopped a cycle of pain.

Jim Calafiore does a nice job on the art, particularly with the flashback pieces. They have a nice little big-cat border that drives the point home.



Dom said...

I've heard good things about Secret Six, but I'm not much of a DC reader. Will I be too lost if I try jumping onto this comic if I am not up to date on the DC universe?

Timbotron said...

I think this is one of the most self-contained books DC puts out. I think you'll love it.