Monday, June 28, 2010

Comics on the Bubble: Taskmaster (2002)

So I've got some fundamental problems with this series. I hate the new costume. Taskmaster's classic look works so much better in comics. The look would actually work nicely in a film, I can see that, but this isn't the character I fell in love with all those years ago in Avengers.

I can't stand how most of Taskmaster's gigs involve him using holograms to impersonate people (usually spikey-haired pretty-boys). Holograms were never part of Taskie's power-set, so making it such a fundamental part of this series is really a misfire for me. I have an even bigger problem with Taskmaster being able to move at super-speed after watching kung-fu movies on fast forward. That doesn't even make sense! Can he fly after watching the Superman movies?

I like the use of Sunset Bain as a foil, but even that relationship isn't really resolved. Ken Siu-Chong and Udon created an ok limited, if this were a new character. By removing all the working-class roots from Taskmaster's dialogue and drastically changing his look, voice, and power-set, I don't understand why this was a Taskmaster limited series. As a new character, it probably would have worked a lot better.
  • Issue 1: Taskmaster fights Iron Man, I actually do buy how Taskmaster gets away. But as part of the series... SELL
  • Issue 2: Taskmaster starts using his hologram machine more, making this even less of a Taskmaster series. SELL
  • Issue 3: There is actually a cool concept here, that Taskmaster sometimes uses end-level abilities before he's mastered the intro stuff (like diving before swimming). But other than that? SELL
  • Issue 4: Man. Taskmaster announces he's stopped using his old sword (based on Black Knight skills) and switched to a katana like Silver Samurai. Blerg. SELL

SELL: 1, 2, 3, 4


JBaker said...

The original costume is iconic, but if Taskmaster ever makes to the big-screen it should be with an updated design. I prefer the sleeveless hoodie and mask from Agent X.

Where are you selling these back issues?

Timbotron said...

I agree 100%, the Udon design would be much more effective in a film. My bigger problem is the weird power use!

I'll be putting stuff on eBay soon, unless someone posts on here that they want something.

Always Right said...

I still have my issues and remember it fitting in nicely with the Agent X run.

Mart said...

Never heard of this run, sounds awful. It does sound like a new character retooled as Taskmaster for name recognition , doesn't it?