Friday, June 11, 2010

JSA #39

And the adventures of Mr. Terrific and his team continue! This issue takes place all in the depressing alternate future Bill Willingham introduced a few issues ago. It is still Mr. Terrific's story, but there are a few heroes showing up here and there and getting to do something cool. Superman and Wonder Woman get some panel time, and Green Arrow and Black Canary both are important to the outcome too. I get a grin every time Mr. Miracle and Barda show up, so even if they only get one quick scene, I'll take it.

I'm curious how this story is going to resolve in one issue. I think Willingham has to finish up pretty quickly because James Robinson is taking over this book for his JLA crossover, I bet we get two issues of this title next month. There's a palpable sense of impending doom throughout this title, I'm impressed at how well this terrible future has been set up. It's not easy to create tension when dealing with an alternate future, but I'm really digging this.

Jesus Merino is a fantastic team artist. I wish we could see more costumed heroes, I would have LOVED him drawing all of those heroes in their costumes rather than in prisoner uniforms, but I'm sure the inevitable re-match with the Fourth Reich will look great.


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