Thursday, June 24, 2010

Justice League: Generation Lost #4

Oh, Justice League International, how I've missed you. Four issues in and Keith Giffen and Judd Winick are doing a fantastic job, and with this issue they make it official; they are putting the band back together. Adding a new Rocket Red (naturally a big-time communist and poor English-speaker) just makes all of this feel more right. It's too bad we can't get Mr. Miracle or Big Barda in here, along with Guy, because then this really would feel complete. If it is true that Winick is scripting all of this, I have to commend him on a great job. He's got a great voice down for the new Rocket Red, and Captain Atom actually feels... right. For the first time in awhile, I can see why he was such a neat character back when I started loving him during Invasion. Oh, there will be some great sparks between him and the new Red...

The last page rockets the plot along nicely too. Max is putting the group together for some sort of reason. Dang, I wish Max's heel turn hadn't been quite so... irreversible. I'd love him as a manipulative but somewhat understandable bad guy. Since he shot Beetle in the head, that just can't happen. It's going to be great seeing him interact with the team again as this series goes on. And what is up with his powers turning people into shriveled husks? And they're all wearing black lantern gear too. Weird...

Joe Bennett does a nice job with the art. Rocket Red's redesign looks classic AND modern, a tough feat. Booster Gold looks great, as does Ice. I think Bennett's best work is on Blue Beetle though, he looks tremendous, and Bennett has him using some great morphing weapons.

Again, I may be grading partially on nostalgia, but I can't help it.


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JLP1973 said...

Yes, totally agree. This was a great number, the plot is going a long way. Action GOOD, new Rocket Red GOOD, and, of course, AWESOME FUNNY! Finally the classic humour associated with JLI has surfaced again!
Guy Gardner presence doesn't seem soooooooo improbable, I think at least a cameo (maybe in the final editions) will happen. (Or, forget about Guy: what about that Green Lantern that looked like a dog? This can be done easily!)