Monday, June 7, 2010

Star Wars Legacy TPB 6: The Hidden Temple

And with volume six, John Ostrander brings us back to Cade Skywalker and the rest of the core cast. Cade is back on his ship, back with his crew, and he unwisely decides to lay low for a bit with his uncle, who happens to be another Jedi in hiding. I liked seeing the odd relationships Cade has had to maintain, he's a tough guy, but he certainly softens up for his cousins and family.

The theme of this trade is probably folks easing up a big. Jariah Syn, Cade's partner, finally explains why he hates Jedi, and when given the chance, he really doesn't make much of a threat against the Jedi he hates the most. Delilah Blue is happy that Cade's back and is probably the most contented character in the book. And the Imperial Knights are trying to make peace with the remnants of the Jedi in the hidden temple. I do find it amusing that of the three Jedi Masters on the council, 2 of them are so long lived that they fought in the Clone Wars with Darth Krayt. I like that there is a personal connection there, but it is silly the way everything important seemed to have happened in the movies.

Jan Duursema's style is awesome for this title. Everyone in it looks like they are biker gang members, or worse. Cade and his crew are shady, his uncle is in hiding, they all look the part. The Empire and Alliance look more upstanding, but the diverse looks of all the characters is quite fun.


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