Friday, June 18, 2010

Heralds #1&2

Kathryn Immonen is a frustrating writer. I really enjoy a lot of the dialogue she gives her characters, and much of the conversations she writes are natural sounding. However, she also puts such zany stuff in her scripts and oddball language that I get totally pulled out of the story at times too. I really like her Emma Frost, she has a great mix of confidence and self-pity that actually makes Emma relatable. Valkyrie is pretty fun too, she's a crass party girl, this is good exposure for her. I'm also not a huge fan of Captain Marvel/Photon in this incarnation. I loved her back in the day as Avengers leader. Put her back in a costume and out of the Nextwave jacket!

I like the idea of bringing back Frankie Raye as Nova. Making Hellcat a believer of that idea makes her a neat POV character for the series. I'd say Hellcat and Emma Frost are probably the two main characters, which bums me out since I'm such a big She-Hulk fan. (I despise She-Hulk's new hair, btw). The group is an interesting mix with a nice mix of powers. I'm always down for the resurrection of old characters too. It's just that the actual plot is so odd. Clones of scientists and dinosaurs? Searching morgues for bodies? It's just weird.

The art is pretty inconsistent. I'm not a big fan of Tonci Zonjic, but I can see how some folks like the cartoony style. Everyone looks too small and skinny to me, not "heroic" enough. But James Harren's art is really lumpy (I'm assuming he did that ugly reporter in issue 2). He also draws She-Hulk with some odd proportions. I guess it is sort of more realistic, but that's not exactly why I read comics. The cover art makes this look like a dream project for me, but the interiors aren't what I'm looking for in Marvel's Lady-All-Stars book.


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un_taco said...

I'm so bummed this series with such a great cast as turned out so BELOW average. I think more She-Hulk fans would like her new hairstyle if we had an artist more suited for this book.