Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Brightest Day #3

This issue of Brightest Day really feels like a middle chapter. The heroes are all getting sorted out with their own issues and problems, and they haven't had enough time to really resolve anything. Deadman's confrontation with the Anti-Monitor is interesting, and I certainly have no idea who the fairly conversational voice speaking through the ring could be. Ronnie Raymond, if he was in control while he was a Black Lantern, that might make things very awkward for Firestorm going forward. Martian Manhunter is the only returnee who's acting totally like himself. I love the mix of kindness and determination in his every act. The world's saddest Aquaman is still calling dead sea animals to life, I feel as sad as Mera about it. The Hawks are in trouble too, but things seem to be moving along quickly in their story. They may actually deal with Hath-Set pretty soon.

This book has a tremendous cast and I really am interested to see what happens to these guys. I still think it is ridiculous that there is a panel of a creature skinning a teenage girl while her younger brother's body is lying there impaled by drumsticks, but clearly my understanding of what is appropriate and necessary in a comic is different than what DC thinks.

I'm still chuckling about that orca chomping Aquaman's head. It's just so silly, I can't get any dramatic tension from something that ridiculous. I am entertained though!

I think the artists might already be feeling some pressure; the art in this looks a bit more rushed than the first two issues. The story telling is still clear enough, but the book isn't as stunning now as it was a couple issues ago. I also find it odd that David Finch decided to draw the core cast as little people on the cover. It's an unusual artistic choice.


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