Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My daughter is a huge Starfire fan, so naturally one of her favorite bad guys (mostly from Tiny Titans) is Blackfire. I actually had to read her part of this issue because Tony Bedard did such a fantastic job fleshing out Starfire's bad sister.

From start to finish, this story is told from Blackfire's point of view, and frankly, she comes across as almost reasonable. She's clearly coloring things in her best interests, but man, I think it is possible to explain away some of what she's done over the years. (Especially now that Hawkwoman is back alive anyway.)

There isn't a lot of screen time for the early stars of this series, I think this book is sort of letting the big names rise to the top. Dox, Captain Comet, Adam Strange, and Starfire are the real names now. In fact, I can't say that the two new GL's have even captured my interest that much, so I'd be fine with the limited core cast, occasionally spotlighting Amon Hakk, Wildstar, and the rest.

Sergio Arino does a good job keeping things looking fairly consistent, but I'm a fan of Claude St. Aubin, so I hope he comes back next month. His Adam Strange armor looks tougher and his Starfire is hotter.


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