Thursday, May 20, 2010

Walking Dead #72

I don't know how Kirkman does it. I'm dropping Invincible Iron Man from my floppy list because there isn't enough action. I feel like multiple issues go by and there is no fighting. Walking Dead has just about the same pacing yet I love every issue. I love seeing the cast put through all these different challenges and seeing them in this social setting is fascinating. After the high-stakes, life-or-death world they've lived in for so long, cheating husbands and polite conversation are understandably hard for them to get into.

I'm fascinated by Rick's use of his original gang to scope out their new neighbors. Rick may end up being a threat to his hosts, and I'm curious to see how the group reacts. Abraham may end up siding against Rick, he seems to have really come to accept his new peaceful home. I am surprised: another zombie-free issue that entertained the heck out of me.

Charlie Adlard's faces make this book. You can't always tell what people are thinking, but you can get clear vibes. Check out Douglas' weirdly threatening look on page three when Andrea resists his advances. That has me worried, but it could end up being nothing. That's good "acting" from the pencils.


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