Friday, May 7, 2010

Justice Society of America #38

Wow. I absolutely love the ongoing adventures of Mr. Terrific in the DCU. This is barely a JSA book at this point, it is really the story of Michael Holt and his master plan to erase a Nazi-run future. And I LOVE it.

Bill Willingham gives us more background on how things got this bad. There are quick stories showing how Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and more dealt with the removal of their powers. I always like the idea becuase it means that non-powered heroes suddenly moved to the top of the heap. It seems the good guys still lost, but it's still a cool idea.

Willingham sets most of the issue around the execution of Batman. In this Nazi America, that is a media circus of an event, complete with the arrival of the new Nazi leader, Kid Karnevil. I like that Willingham finally gets to use the kid as a big bad, he was clearly a pet for the author and the character is worth it. He's a jerk and I can't wait to see him get taken out. There are a ton of neat extras in the issue. Blue Beetle's involvemen in the escape plot. The Joker wanting to die alongside his old foe. The best touch was the genuine concern on the face of Mr. Terrific's interrogator. She may be a good Nazi, but clearly she had grown to at least respect the hero. It's a neat scene and the payoff is going to be interesting.

Jesus Merino was meant for team books. His characters look great and on-model and he draws action extremely well. The coloring is nice in this book too, even in a horrible future, everything still looks "comicy." Fun stuff.


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