Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Justice League: Generation Lost #2

This wasn't quite as stellar as the first issue, but it was still darn entertaining. Judd Winick and Keith Giffen have too much set-up to do to make this feel as familiar as last issue.

Max Lord has made the world forget he exists. In fact, he's even altered the world's minds into not seeing proof of his exisitence. Wonder Woman doesn't remember killing him. Superman has never heard of him. And everyone thinks Ted Kord killed himself. Only the remaining four members of the JLI (and Skeets!) remember what really happened. And to make matters more difficult, Max is engaging in an ongoing attempt to discredit the JLI heroes. Checkmate dismisses Fire, Guy Gardner thinks Ice tried to kill him. Captain Atom is wanted for treason, and Booster... well, Booster is just Booster. He doesn't need to be discredited.

Max's powers have been significantly ramped up. There's a scene here where Max makes it seem that he's in a room, when really he's just making Captain Atom think so, leading to more problems for the Captain. It also seems Max has retained control over the OMACs, judging from the cliffhanger.

I would have loved a more drawn out fight between Captain Atom and Magog, but maybe we'll get that in a future issue. I also think it is interesting that the JLI gang hasn't quite re-banded together yet. Fire and Ice still think they can do it themselves. We shall see.

Joe Bennett handles the art this issue, and while he's solid, the story looks too "modern" for me. Aaron Lopresti's art in issue 1 "felt" like old JLI art, while this feels like a modern DC crossover. Clearly, I prefer the retro more than the current when it comes to my Justice League.



Anonymous said...

I thought the Guy Gardner scene was stupid. Almost as if Guy Gardner was afraid of Ice. Ridiculous. Nevermind the fact that as a Green Lantern who HAS fought off mind control before, this comes off as stupid and annoying. If anything, he would leave Earth to clear his mind more than anything, not believe that Ice could ever try to kill him. It doesn't even make logical sense that she could.

Timbotron said...

I see your point, but I'm ok with the idea because I think it is going to lead a triumphant return for Guy later in the series. You can't really have a JLI relaunch and not include him at some point.