Friday, May 21, 2010

Justice League of America #45

Hmm, I think it's pretty obvious where James Robinson's loyalties lie. In this team-up of the JLA and JSA, the JSA come across as grumpy fogeys (especially my fave Mr. Terrific). The JLA is where it's at. Since this is their book, I suppose that's ok, but I hope Robinson's JSA issues are just as skewed for the home team.

It seems the Star Heart has returned to Earth because it shares a link with Jade, and that's what she wanted to do. The problem is that the Star Heart's chaotic tendencies are affecting numerous Earth-based metas (including Power Girl, the Demon, Atlas, and Shango - an awesome-looking African Thunder God). The JLA and JSA don't actually do anything about this, but they do put the pieces together to figure out that the Star Heart is causing the problems. Jade has some tense moments with the German equivalents of the Rocket Reds introduced last issue, and Supergirl arrives because Congo Bill called for help. (I love that Bill is sort of leading the team, annoying Night Bats in the process). The book closes with Alan Scott in his Kingdom Come armor threatening to end the world.

I love Mark Bagley's work on this title. His style works tremendously well with the icons (or substitute icons) of the DCU. His Jade is great-looking too, I'm happy she's joining the team. This is the rare instance where my enjoyment of the issue is actually raised by the art.


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