Saturday, May 8, 2010

Invincible #71

It's amazing that Kirkman can put together what is basically a fill-in and still have me like it this much. I mean, think about what happens here. Invincible and the Guardians of the Globe fend off an alien invasion we've seen a few times before. Omni-Man and Allen spend a few pages recruiting Tech Jacket (peacefully). And Omni-Man meets up with his estranged wife and grown up second son. I mean, that last part is obviously a neat scene that readers have wondered about since issue 6 or so (and it goes how you'd expect), but that other stuff is pretty calm. And it's still really entertaining. Tech Jacket and his Dad seem like reasonable guys doing their job protecting the Earth, probably much like what Invincible thought he might be like with his Dad. That closing shot with Team Invincible about to face off against Conquest, oh man, that's going to be good. I'm surprised (pleasantly) that Kirkman didn't kill off the Star Trek Next Generation crew to set up that fight, but it really wasn't necessary. There is clearly enough history between Invincible and Conquest already. Can't wait!

Ryan Ottley is awesome. The Star Trek crew looks just a tad off, but we can clearly tell who's who. I like Tech Jacket's look too, I don't know the character, but I like how much he looks like a space-knight (not ROM).


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