Tuesday, May 4, 2010

FCBD: Iron Man & Thor

What a great value. This could have been a done-in-one issue of either Iron Man or Thor, although it probably makes a tad more sense as a Thor story, what with all the weather-themed stuff happening. I liked the idea of a weather machine in use on the Moon, but I'm confused once again about all this talk of Stark as an arms dealer. He quit that business years ago, why are there are all these stories coming up hinting that Stark was still in the business? I guess he could have built his weather machines a long time ago, but I didn't get that feeling from the dialogue between Iron Man and Thor when they figure out what's happening.

I'm not sure if I like the dramatic narrator who is present for all of Matt Fraction's Thor stories. I can see what he's going for, but that overdramatic style gets a tad grating by the end of the issue. That might make Fraction's Thor run easier to read in trade. Either way, this is a great gateway book for fans to get a feel for both characters.

I didn't care for JRJR's stubbly Tony Stark. Tony Stark needs a beard or a moustache, dangit! He looks awful without facial hair! Once the armor comes on, I've got no complaints, that's a great bulky Iron Man! I'm also still not sure about this current, thinner Thor. Maybe the blue and grey is slimming, but Thor just doesn't seem to carry the weight he used to. I think both of these complaints are editorial issues, so I don't blame the artist, but it is weird seeing these icons looking so different.


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