Thursday, May 6, 2010

Secret Six #21

Man, sometimes I worry about Gail Simone. She fills this issue with another slew of sickos, both in sad flashbacks about Catman's childhood and in the current story.

The issue shows us Catman's childhood, and as far as I know this is the first time we've seen this era of Thomas Blake's past. Blake's Dad was a big game hunter and a real jerk. He's abusive to his wife, son, and any bystanders unlucky to know him. He's a sociopath and a big game hunter, so a bad combo for a chubby kid like Thomas. It's actually amazing that Catman turned out as altruistic as he did with this horrific past. Of course, he's channeling his childhood rage and emotion when he's hunting down those responsible for taking his son.

I still think that Catman's kid will be alive, because surely Simone has some mercy for her readers? But in any case, it was a mistake for these guys to cross Catman. Catman is on a rampage here, threatening and sneaking his way to the next of the kidnappers he targeted last issue. This time he goes up against a South African meta-human with super-strength. It does him absolutely no good, Catman takes him out FAST.

There is the normal great dialogue between the core team as they track down their feline buddy. Black Alice is hilarious possessive of Rag Doll. Deadshot is really worried about his buddy and it seems to be softening him. Scandal clearly belongs in the field. I love the replacement team Bane and Jeannette have put together. Giganta and Dwarf Star are old pet charactes of Simone's, so they fit in nicely. Lady Vic and King Shark have shown up enough that I can't wait to hear more from them. King Shark's comment about his little problem made the issue for me (He has a unique problem. He likes eating people with eating disorders.)

I'll always miss Nicola Scott, but Jim Calafiore is doing a nice job on the book. His blocky characters and heavy inks work nicely for the dark tone of the series.


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