Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Avengers #1

Why isn't Spider-Woman on that cover?

With one small exception, I really enjoyed Bendis' relaunch of the Avengers.
Let's start off with the bad, since it is so quick. I'm not pleased that long-time Avenger Wonder Man is so against the idea of the team forming. He seemed downright grumpy in his confrontation with Steve Rogers. Rogers is clearly asking tons of former members to be part of his expanded Avengers, and Wonder Man is justifiably invited. I just don't see why Wondy would reject the off then make an ominous threat that he will change Rogers' mind. Seems off-character.

That is just about the only problem I have with the book. Steve Rogers has things nicely organized and the new lineup looks pretty good (are Spidey and Wolverine on this team AND New Avengers?) Bendis doesn't breeze over the difference between the main three Avengers. Iron Man, Cap, and Thor have had their differences, and I loved how Bendis showed that Stark is the one having the hardest time believing they can co-exist. Thor's interaction with Bucky Cap was fantastic too. Another highlight is the buddy relationship I think Spidey and Hawkeye are going to have. They are already lightening the mood and I'm surprised no one has thought to match these guys up before. I think they'll get along nicely.

Kang comes off as arrogant as always and if he really is a pawn of the character from that splash page... this could be a dynamite story arc.

John Romita Jr's art is polarizing, but I've always loved it. He has a better handle on some characters than others. His Spidey, Iron Man, and Hawkeye look tremendous while his Cap and Spider-Woman need a little seasoning. I am surprised Ms. Marvel didn't make the team, he would have had a nice take on her.


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