Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Siege #4

I kind of like that when all is said and done, the key to defeating the Sentry was to hit him with a helicarrier then bludgeon him with a hammer. No secrets like using a White Lantern ring, just a lot of smashing. Bendis keeps things pretty simple, although I am confused by Loki's sacrifice. When Sentry has the Avengers on the ropes, Loki uses the Norn stones to empower the heroes and set them up to take on Sentry one more time. Sentry rips Loki apart for this, which was kind of surprising. Now Thor has got something to be mad about until Loki shows up causing trouble in 8-12 months. Eventually, the heroes overwhelm the Sentry, bringing the total number of dead gods in the book to 3 (Ares, Loki, Sentry).

There is some great comeuppance for Green Goblin, he almost escapes two or three times, only to bump into Cap's shield each time. The big banner headlines running through the end of the issue work in-story and as a primer for the Heroic Age. "Steve Rogers to replace Norman Osborn as top cop! Superhuman Registration Act repealed! Who are the Avengers?" I can't wait to find out what the Marvel U looks like as it reverts back to its long-missing status quo. How great is Tony Stark's toast as he brings all the Avengers together for a cook out? Wolverine showing up for the free beer was wonderful, and how great was it seeing Hawkeye finally relaxing and enjoying himself? I'm ready to see the heroes move on, and judging from how Stark, Rogers, and Thor act, things are finally going back to "normal."

Olivier Coipel's take on Sentry is horrifying. Those spider-eyes and extra legs... yuck! There were a few times when it seemed like characters were jumping locations oddly (we see Steve Rogers appear in front of Green Goblin immediately after seeing him in a different place) but those are small complains. This is Thor's book and he carries the load nicely. I'm not sure I like an Asgardian tower appearing on Avengers Tower, but I'll wait and see how it works.


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