Monday, May 17, 2010

The Goon TPB 8: Those That is Damned

I sort of begrudge Eric Powell's decision to include a bunch of Goon work by other creators in this trade. It's not that the other folks do a bad job on the Lonely Street gang, in fact, some of the short stories are quite fun, but I'm so dang involved in Powell's ongoing story that I'm desperate to read the next chapter.

The trade opens with the disturbing history of Horse Eater Swamp and the curse that fouls Lonely Street. Buzzard shows up to tell the Goon that the folks in town will never be happy, that the curse draws horrible things and the Goon is the only hope they have for protection. Goon of course weighs the decision, and starts to leave, but there are too many bad dudes in need of a knife to the eye for Goon and Franky to actually leave. The trade also includes the outing of a traitor in Norton's pub after the spy arranges an ambush that leaves one of Goon's bog lurk buddies dead. It isn't too hard to catch the guilty party, and I have to admit I was bummed to see this character go out like he does. Goon doesn't have mercy for someone turning on him, and this character really has a rough time of it after he's caught. Remind me never to cross the Goon.

Eric Powell's art is fantastic as always. He uses his lush pencils on the Goon and most of the bad guys (those zombie babies are so gross!) but uses a simpler Orphan Annie or Dennis the Menace look for the Lonely Street kids. I've grown to love those kids, they're a great addition to Goon's squad of allies.

Main story - Good
Backups - Fair

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