Friday, May 14, 2010

R.E.B.E.L.S. #16

Tony Bedard is doing his best to bring the 90's back. I can't speak for most readers (judging by the sales numbers for this book) but I love it. Bedard balances universe-building, character development, and action perfectly. I love that Captain Comet wanted to quit the LEGION because he thinks it's doomed to fail, but he's staying because Starfire is so dang hot. I also like the way Starfire and Adam Strange (and Animal Man when he's around) have built this long-lasting friendship after 52. Vril Dox is still a jerk, but I love the way he's always after the next big plan. He's Reed Richards without a conscience and a love of money.

Bedard's cast may end being just as cool as the original LEGION staff. I do wish Stealth wouldn't have died during Starro's attack, she'd be a fun voice to add to the chaos. I'm not sure we need two new GL's added to the group, but I do like the idea of two evil races getting their own Lanterns, it could get interesting.

Claude St. Aubin continues doing a nice job on pencils. That panel of Starfire should serve as a reason why the readers should stick around (in addition to Captain Comet).


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