Monday, May 10, 2010

FCBD: War of the Supermen #0

So I'm way behind on my Superman books, having just read New Krypton vol 2 in trade. So last I read Superman is about to go live on New Krypton. It seems he goes to work for General Zod for awhile (at least a year in publishing time)... then Zod sort of says "gotcha" here? That's really sounding like I don't need to read any of the stuff I've missed. It also makes the choice to take Superman out of his own books seem even stranger. James Robinson and Sterling Gates do a nice job making Zod and his flunkies seem like good villains, the problem is that Superman looks like a big doofus. So he's been training his enemies on how to use their powers for a year? What a maroon.

Eddy Barrows is a Titans artist, his grimacing, bloody faces work fine there, they don't fit so well in a Superman title. What an odd choice.


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